Research and Development

ATDBio is committed in developing improved methods of oligonucleotide synthesis and for the design of superior modified oligos.

Research and Development Laboratory

In 2013, ATDBio set up a new research and development lab in the Oxford Science Park. This will allow us to explore new methods of oligonucleotide synthesis, along with related technologies, and will enable to to form even stronger links with our academic and industrial partners in the Oxford area.

Prof. Tom Brown Research Group

ATDBio has close links with the Prof. Tom Brown research group. Prof. Tom Brown, Professor of Nucleic Acid Chemistry at the University of Oxford and one of the founders of ATDBio, has published over 300 research papers and patents in the nucleic acids field. Insights from Prof. Brown’s research often allow us to solve specific problems for our customers.


ATDBio is interested in establishing partnerships with companies and organisations with complementary interests. In the past, such partnerships with have been critical in the growth of several large biotech companies.