ATDBio featured in latest Shimadzu Customer Story

27 Jul 2020

ATDBio's recent work on oligonucleotide synthesis for COVID-19 diagnostics has been highlighted in the latest of Shimadzu's Customer Stories series. The article describes how ATDBio is scaling up its oligonucleotide synthesis and purification capability to meet demand from its customers working on COVID-19 diagnostics.

Quentin Vicentini with a Shimadzu Nexera preparative HPLC system
ATDBio: Using Oligonucleotides to Assist with the Fight Against COVID-19

Dr Tom Brown (Jnr), added "Our relationship with Shimadzu goes back many years, and we have recently invested heavily in new preparative HPLC equipment. We're working together to develop new methods for oligonucleotide purification that will allow us to produce more qPCR and LAMP primers and probes at higher purity. This will, in turn, help our customers to develop simpler, faster and more accurate COVID-19 tests." cards: