Modified oligos

We are experts in modified oligo synthesis: most of the oligos we make contain at least one modification, and some contain several different modifications.

The chemistry of modified oligos

The presence of modifications introduces complexity into oligos. Modifications are added either during oligo synthesis, or post-synthetically. Small tweaks at this stage can lead to large differences in the yield and purity of the finished oligo.

Particular care is needed when multiple different modifications are required. Modifications can interact with one another, both during synthesis and purification, and in subsequent experiments. For example, if two different fluorescent dyes are added to an oligo, one can quench the other, depending on the distance between them. This can lead to unexpected results such as fluorescence quenching. Our experience and knowledge of the chemistry of modified oligos enables us to anticipate these difficulties and we can discuss them with customers before synthesis has begun. Most importantly, we can suggest solutions to these problems.

Common modifications

See a list of our most common modifications.