BODIPY® dyes



The BODIPY® dyes, based on the 4,4-Difluoro-4-bora-3a,4a-diaza-s-indacene (or DIPYrrometheneBOron difluoride) core (Figure 1), are among the few fluorescent dyes to contain a boron atom as part of the core structure.

Structure of the BODIPY® (dipyrrometheneboron difluoride) core

Figure 1 | Structure of the BODIPY® (dipyrrometheneboron difluoride) core

BODIPY® dyes are stable in physiological conditions, are relatively insensitive to variations in pH, and generally have high quantum yields and sharp emission peaks. Few of the BODIPY® are soluble in water, which limits the usefulness of the BODIPY® dyes in some applications (e.g. protein labelling); however, this is not generally a problem in DNA labelling because synthesis and labelling is done under non-aqueous conditions, and the labelled oligonucleotides are soluble in water. For a review on the synthesis and spectroscopic properties of BODIPY® dyes see Loudet and Burgess, Chem. Rev. 107 (1), 4891-4932, 2007.

Invitrogen BODIPY® dyes

The Invitrogen BODIPY® dyes were developed by Molecular Probes, Inc., now part of Life Technologies, and are now sold by Life Technologies.

Table 1Invitrogen BODIPY® dyes

Nameλmax / nm (absorption)λmax / nm (emission)ColourE at emission λmaxΦτ / ns
BODIPY® 493/503500506Green79 000--
BODIPY® FL-X504510Green85 000--
BODIPY® FL505513Green80 000--
BODIPY® R6G528550Green/Yellow70 000--
BODIPY® 530/550534554Green/Yellow77 000--
BODIPY® TMR-X542574Yellow60 000--
BODIPY® 558/568558569Yellow97 000--
BODIPY® 564/570565571Yellow142 000--
BODIPY® 576/589576590Orange83 000--
BODIPY® 581/591584592Orange136 000--
BODIPY® TR-X589617Orange/Red68 000--
BODIPY® 630/650-X625640Red101 000--
BODIPY® 650/665-X646660Red102 000--

The BODIPY® "-X" dyes have an aminohexanoyl spacer between the BODIPY® dye core and point of attachment to DNA.

BODIPY® dyes

Figure 2 | BODIPY® dyes


The CHROMIS dyes, available from Cyanagen S.r.l., also contain the dipyrrometheneboron difluoride moiety.

Table 2Selected CHROMIS dyes

Nameλmax / nm (absorption)λmax / nm (emission)ColourE at emission λmaxΦτ / ns
Chromis 500N496506Green88 000--
Selected CHROMIS dyes

Figure 3 | Selected CHROMIS dyes

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