ATTO dyes



The Atto dyes are manufactured by ATTO-TEC.

Properties and structures

A range of Atto dyes is available, with emission wavelengths spanning the visible spectrum and extending into the infrared region of the spectrum (Table 1).

Table 1Atto dyes

Nameλmax / nm (absorption)λmax / nm (emission)ColourE at λmaxΦτ / ns
ATTO 390390479Blue24 0000.95
ATTO 425436484Blue45 0000.93.6
ATTO 465453508Blue/Green75 0000.755
ATTO 488501523Green/Yellow90 0000.84
ATTO 495495527Green/Yellow80 0000.21
ATTO 514511533Yellow115 0000.853.9
ATTO 520516538Yellow110 0000.93.6
ATTO 532532553Yellow/Orange115 0000.93.8
ATTO Rho6G535560Yellow/Orange115 0000.944.1
ATTO 550554576Orange120 0000.83.6
ATTO 565563592Red120 0000.94
ATTO Rho3B564592Red120 0000.51.5
ATTO Rho11572595Red120 0000.84
ATTO Rho12576601Red120 0000.84
ATTO Thio12579609Red110 0000.152
ATTO Rho101586610Red120 0000.84.2
ATTO 590594624Red120 0000.83.7
ATTO Rho13600625Red120 0000.83.9
ATTO 594601627Red120 0000.853.9
ATTO 610615634Red150 0000.73.2
ATTO 620619643Far-red120 0000.52.9
ATTO Rho14625646Far-red120 0000.83.7
ATTO 633629657Far-red130 0000.643.3
ATTO 647645669Far-red120 0000.22.4
ATTO 647N644669Far-red150 0000.653.5
ATTO 655663684Far-red125 0000.31.8
ATTO Oxa12663684Far-red125 0000.31.8
ATTO 665663684Far-red160 0000.62.9
ATTO 680680700Near-IR125 0000.31.7
ATTO 700700719Near-IR120 0000.251.6
ATTO 725725752Near-IR120 0000.10.5
ATTO 740740764Near-IR120 0000.10.6

Not all of the structures of the Atto dyes are available, but some of the structures are listed in Figure 1.

Structures of selected Atto dyes (structures of other Atto dyes are not published)

Figure 1 | Structures of selected Atto dyes (structures of other Atto dyes are not published)

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