About ATDBio

Let’s make this possible!

The future of global health and human progress depends on scientific discovery through projects like yours. We’re dedicated to providing the high quality oligonucleotides and flexibility you need to make this possible.

A Need for High Quality Oligonucleotides

ATDBio is an independent company founded in 2005 by Prof. Tom Brown, a leading nucleic acid chemist, Dr Dorcas Brown, an expert in oligonucleotide synthesis, Dr Tom Brown (Jnr) and Dr Asha Brown.

Working in the field of nucleic acids research, Tom and Dorcas received many enquiries from researchers around the world frustrated with the general lack of quality in oligos they were receiving. Tom and Dorcas started making occasional oligos for free, as a favour to friends, who found that these oligos worked in experiments where other oligos had failed. The number of requests increased, and ATDBio was born.

What Makes Us Different?

We are determined to realise the results you need with adaptability, consistency and chemical ingenuity at scale


Our deep understanding of oligonucleotide chemistry (we wrote the book) enables us to choose optimal methods for incorporating unusual functionalities. And, most importantly, it means that we supply you with the purest products in the best possible yields.


We respond quickly to new challenges, embracing problems that others can’t or won’t. We can adapt our production processes to your needs. And, if it’s never been made before, we can make it possible with our unparalleled experience and chemical insight.


We know how important it is, now more than ever, that experiments work first time. Our production process is transparent and backed up by rigorous analysis - so we can provide consistent quality, support and scalability for as long as you need us.

Our People

Collectively, the directors of ATDBio over 80 years’ experience in nucleic acids chemistry.

Prof. Tom Brown

Prof. Tom Brown is one of the world’s leading nucleic acids chemists, with over 400 papers and patents. He is a serial entrepeneur, having founded three successful companies: ATDBio, PrimerDesign and Oswel Research Products.

Dr Dorcas Brown

Dr Dorcas Brown has been working in oligonucleotide synthesis since the 1980s. She founded ATDBio with Prof. Tom Brown in 2005, and runs the Southampton lab.

Dr Tom Brown (Jnr)

Tom (Jnr) has a degree and D.Phil. in chemistry and chemical biology from the University of Oxford. He joined ATDBio full-time in 2010, and set up the Oxford lab in 2013, which he now runs with Asha.

Dr Asha Brown

Asha has a first-class honours degree and D.Phil. in chemistry from the University of Oxford. She joined ATDBio full time in 2017, and now runs the Oxford lab with Tom (Jnr).